Version 2017.04 released

Bug fixes
This release incorporates a number of fixes for bugs that were inadvertently introduced in the last update.

1. Client Long Codes
The automatically generated client Long Codes sometimes left space characters in the code.

2. Some screens not displaying properly
Some screens (such as “Transfer ELS files”) were not displaying properly.

3. Form EI
Erroneous PAYG entry #21 was sometimes rolled over from 2016, causing problems.

This release also incorporates a number of small enhancements.

1. Facsimile print options
Facsimile print options for all tax returns are now saved individually for each client.

2. Data restore options
Data restore options are now also saved, thus making backups/restores easier since you most likely would use the same options every time you did a restore. This is particularly useful for clients who use Dropbox to transfer data between computers.