Version 2017.03 released

This release incorporates a number of usability enhancements.

1. Tax Estimate automatically prints after Tax Return Facsimile.
As requested by a user: “Why not include the Tax Estimate as part of Tax Return print when printing a complete tax return for a client. This is easy when emailing tax return to a client rather than doing two emails to them.”

2. Enter Key page accept.
One Microtax feature that long-time users particularly love is the ability to accept the data on just about any page by simply pressing the Enter key (instead of clicking the OK button).

However, we have become aware that some new Microtax users have difficulty with this, not being fully aware what is happening or why.

Therefore we have added the ability to turn this feature off. You can, of course, turn it back on anytime you wish.

Follow this procedure:

  • On the Main Control Module top menu, select “Utilities” and then “Maintain system parameters”. This starts the Maintain System Parameters Module.
  • On the Maintain System Parameters Module top menu, select “Global” and then “General parameters”.
  • Change “Disable Enter Key page accept” to Yes.

3. Enter Unlock Code.
The Enter Unlock Code screen has been made more intuitive.

4. Client Alpha Code and Long Codes
The formats of the automatically generated client Alpha Codes and Long Codes have been updated.