Welcome to Microtax

Microtax™ is an Practitioner Lodgment Service (PLS) software package that has been specifically designed for use by Accountants and Tax Agents who are practicing in Australia.

The software enables a user to prepare various Australian Tax Office (ATO) tax returns and forms and to then lodge those documents with the ATO, via the Electronic Lodgment Service  (ELS) and Standard Business Reporting (SBR) channels.

The Microtax package also includes several modules that are designed to assist you in the management of your practice.

All modules in Microtax look, operate and feel very much the same as each other. Learn one module and you are well on the way to knowing how to use all modules.

Simplicity and functionality are the keys behind the design of Microtax.

Microtax Pty Ltd has been assisting tax practitioners in Australia for over 25 years.