Microtax Pricing

  • Microtax is licensed to a User ( Tax Agent )
  • The license fee covers all computers owned by the licensed user
  • There is no additional charge for any user employed by the licensed user
  • There are no additional charge to run Microtax on any number of computers owned by the licensed user
  • The licence period runs from 1st June in a year until the 30th June the following year
  • The licence fee includes all email, telephone and/or fax support for the licence period.
  • The licence fee includes all updates, at no extra cost, during the licence period.

Microtax packages

  • Microtax Premium package
  • Microtax Standard package

Microtax package money saving options

  • Additional Tax Agent *
    If you have a close relationship with another tax agent then we can supply the one package that is shared by both agents, each with their own tax agent number.
  • Support for each additional office*
    If you have more than one office then Microtax can provide help desk support for each office.
  • 20 user network license*
    Microtax does not charge per computer but if you want to run Microtax on a network then there is a small charge for the network version.

ATO specifications are constantly changing, and modules are added or removed as required. As a consequence, the prices and specifications listed may vary without notice.

To ensure Microtax is affordable to users even having only a limited number of clients, Microtax is now licenced based on the number of clients you have.

Click here to send an email to Microtax requesting the latest price list, ensuring that you specify the approximate number of clients you have.