Daily Archives: November 29, 2017

Version 2017.15 released

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This release incorporates a number of fixes for bugs that have been reported by users recently:

Form EC:
The length of the taxpayer signatory identifier field has been corrected.

Form ET:
The franked distributions total amount in the Distribution Statement has been corrected for franked distributions from trusts (VR.ATO.TRT.432179).
Edits VR.ATO.TRT.432079 and VR.ATO.TRT.43235 have been fixed.

Form MS:
Edit VR.ATO.SMSFAR.436069 has been fixed.
Item 13 label J now forced to ‘0.00’ if nothing entered; this is a mandatory field that several people have had trouble with.

Form EP:
The Rent Schedule SBR file was sometimes not being generated correctly.

This release incorporates the following enhancement:

Form MS:
The item 10 screen has been updated with usage notes from the print facsimile.

In particular, this clarifies that if label E is set to No, then Section B (Income) should not be completed. New SBR edits now check for this, although the wording of the edits is not particularly clear.

Note that this behaviour is different to ELS, which previously allowed this combination of data fields to be entered, despite what was shown on the print facsimile.