Version 2018.02 released

This release fixes a number of small bugs reported by clients recently:

Form EC:
Some edits were not showing the tag definition (e.g. V17 for CTR48).

Form MS:
Edit VR.ATO.SMSFAR.436029 fixed.
Edit CMN.ATO.GEN.XBRL03 for SMSFAR396 fixed.
The tagged facsimile document has been updated

This release incorporates the following enhancements:

Form EI:
The “Tax estimate” checkbox has been renamed “NO tax estimate” in Tax Return Facsimile print options. This allows you to suppress printing the tax estimate, which occurs by default.

All returns:
A “Today” button has been added to declarations, to simplify filling them out.

Client database:
Last Resort Recover has been updated to include current year returns as well as prior year returns.