Version 2017.01 released

Microtax version 2017.01 has been released, fully updated for Tax Time 2017.

There have been a number of small bugfixes and enhancements in this release, including:

All modules:

  • As requested by a client, “I sometimes do multiple years for clients, where they are behind in their income tax returns. This entails swapping between 2 or 3 years programs. It sometimes gets confusing which year you are working in.” In response, we have updated Microtax 2017 so that the caption bar at the top of every screen now shows the tax return year.

Form EI:

  • The Tax Withheld amounts were not being printed correctly in item 3 “Employer lump sum payments” of the facsimile.

General Ledger:

  • As requested by a client, a new Financial year start and end has been added: “3 = May to April (Alternative)”.