Version 2017.06 released

Bug Fixes
This release incorporates a number of fixes for bugs that have been reported by users recently.

1. Form EI
Invalid suburb name edit V210B was sometimes incorrectly reported.

2. Maintain System Parameters
The AUSkey password was sometimes not saved correctly.

3. Client database
All reports cleaned up and a number of formatting bugs fixed.

4. Depreciation schedule
Assets purchased more than a year ago were sometimes being depreciated at an incorrect rate.

This release also incorporates a number of small enhancements.

1. Form EI
As requested by a user: “Would it be possible to have the Medicare levy surcharge amount as a separate amount under the normal levy on the estimate page. This would give my clients a clear indication of the extra tax they are paying when they choose not to have PHI.”

2. Most modules
The Enter Client Code screen has been updated to make your data entry options more obvious.