Version 2015.05 released

The data backup and restore procedures in Microtax have been significantly updated in this release.

Major changes include:

  • Now optimized for backing up to hard disk and USB memory stick, not just floppy disk.
  • Hard disk backups now also copy your tax return and general ledger data.
  • Up to 26 hard disk backup sets (meaning that multiple backups can be made to the same hard disk).
  • A simplified method of sending your hard disk backups offsite, in case your office burns down.
  • Incremental backups (meaning that only files that have changed since the last backup are copied).

For full instructions on how to do backups, please read the “Backing Up Data” topic in the Microtax Manual. There are also some great tips there to help you organize and get the best out of your backups.

Windows 10
As mentioned in the last newsletter, Microtax is now fully Windows 10 compatible. However, if you upgraded your computer from Windows 7 (or XP or earlier), then you need to reinstall your Cisco VPN software. We have written a complete set of instructions on how to do this. Please contact us at the Help Desk and we will send the instructions out to you.

There was one minor bug reported by a client that has been fixed in this release:

  • Form EI: The wording for label T5 has been corrected.